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Live Chat & Email Support

Engage your customers in real-time through our live chat support services. Additionally, our email support ensures that your customers receive prompt and accurate responses, enhancing their overall satisfaction with your brand.


Customer Interaction Services

Falls under the category of Customer Interaction Services. This type of service emphasizes direct engagement with customers to address their queries, solve problems, and enhance overall customer experience. It encompasses both real-time chat interactions and asynchronous communication through emails, catering to diverse customer preferences and needs. The goal is to establish a responsive and effective communication
channel that fosters positive customer relationships and loyalty.

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We are your strategic Partner on the journey to Sustainable Success.

Net Bangla Limited is more than a service provider; we are your strategic partner on the journey to sustainable success. With a rich tapestry of services spanning Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Finance & Accounting BPO, Contact Center solutions, Telemarketing, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, and IT Enabled Services (ITES), we cater to diverse sectors including Government, NGO, Finance, Telecom, Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Tourism, e-commerce, Law Enforcement, and more.

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Live Chat and Email Support

In the dynamic live chat and email support, where information flows from myriad sources, Net Bangla LTD stands as a beacon of expertise.

Live Chat Support

  • Real-time interaction: Enables instant communication between customers
    and support agents.
  • Multi-tasking: Agents can assist multiple customers simultaneously,
    enhancing efficiency

Email Support

  • Asynchronous communication: Provides customers the flexibility to send
    queries or issues via email at their convenience.
  • Ticketing system: Facilitates tracking and managing customer inquiries,
    ensuring no query goes unanswered.

Social Media Support

  • Monitoring and responding to customer inquiries and feedback on social media platforms. 
  • Managing customer interactions on social channels to maintain a positive brand

Video Chat Support

  • Offering face-to-face assistance through video calls for a more personalized customer experience.
  • Visual demonstrations and troubleshooting to address complex issues
  • Enhancing communication by adding a human touch through video

Chatbot Integration

  • Implementing automated chatbots to handle routine queries and provide
    instant responses.
  • Routing customers to the appropriate human agent when more complex
    assistance is required.
  • Improving efficiency and response time by utilizing AI-powered chatbots.

Video Chat Support

  • Engaging with customers through voice calls to address inquiries and
    resolve issues.
  • Providing a direct and immediate communication channel for customers
    who prefer verbal interactions.

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