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Welcome to Net Bangla Ltd, where innovation meets excellence in IT outsourcing. Transform your business operations with our comprehensive suite of services, tailored to elevate your efficiency and drive success. Discover a strategic partnership that goes beyond outsourcing – it’s about achieving unparalleled excellence together.

Importance of Fast Data Entry

In the dynamic business landscape, the speed at which data is entered and processed plays a pivotal role in determining the efficiency and effectiveness of various operations.

Optimizing Workflows

Efficient data entry processes streamline workflows, reducing bottlenecks and ensuring swift task completion. This optimization contributes to overall operational efficiency.

Customer Service Excellence

Fast data entry is instrumental in delivering exceptional customer service. Timely responses to customer queries, order processing, and issue resolution contribute to a positive customer experience.

Quick Invoicing and Billing

Swift data entry is crucial in the financial realm for generating invoices, processing billing information, and maintaining transparent financial operations.

Reducing Time
Related Expenses

Time is money, and fast data entry directly reduces time-related expenses. Streamlined processes lead to cost savings in the long run.

Why Choose Net
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Our commitment to innovation is matched only by our dedication to precision. Net Bangla LTD blends cutting-edge technology with meticulous attention to detail to deliver Image Processing solutions that set industry benchmarks.

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Our commitment to innovation is matched only by our dedication to precision.

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Focus on Core Business Activities

Digital Marketing

In the era of digital transformation, Net Bangla Limited BPO embraces Digital Marketing as a key service area. Our strategies are designed to enhance online visibility, engage target audiences.

Data Analysis

Data is a valuable asset, and our Data Analysis services are geared towards extracting actionable insights. Through advanced analytics, we empower businesses to make data-driven decisions

Software Development

Net Bangla Limited BPO delves into Software Development, creating tailored solutions to meet the unique technological needs of your business. Our cutting-edge software solutions.

Contact Centers

Our Contact Centers are designed to provide unparalleled customer care services. We understand the significance of customer satisfaction, and our Contact Centers are equipped to handle customer inquiries, concerns.

Accounting BPO

Net Bangla Limited BPO excels in knowledge-based BPO, particularly in Accounting BPO. We provide comprehensive financial solutions, allowing businesses to streamline their accounting processes, manage financial

Consulting Services

Navigate strategic challenges with our Consulting Services, offering expert guidance and tailored solutions for business success. contributing to the holistic development of your business. and others developments solution your

We are your strategic Partner on the journey to Sustainable Success.

Net Bangla Limited is more than a service provider; we are your strategic partner on the journey to sustainable success. With a rich tapestry of services spanning Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Finance & Accounting BPO, Contact Center solutions, Telemarketing, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, and IT Enabled Services (ITES), we cater to diverse sectors including Government, NGO, Finance, Telecom, Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Tourism, e-commerce, Law Enforcement, and more.

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IT & Security

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Net Bangla Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services, including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Finance & Accounting BPO, Contact Center & CRM, IT Outsourcing Services, Contact Center Software, Data Visualization Consulting, Analytics & BI, Data Processing, Data Entry, Data Analysis Services, and Digital Marketing.

You can contact us through various channels:

Corporate Office in Bangladesh: Level # 04, House # 19, Block # G, Banasree, Rampura Dhaka – 1219. WhatsApp: +88 01730711632 | Email: info@netbanglaltd.com.

USA Office: Contact Person – Mr. Syed Rumi, Email: rumi@netbanglaltd.com.

Canada Office: Contact Person – Mr. Akhtaruzzaman, Mobile: +1 (431) 293-1123, Email: zaman@netbanglaltd.com.

Denmark Office: Contact Person – Mr. Kazi Hossain Rony, Mobile: +4571659044, Email: rony@netbanglaltd.com.

Net Bangla Ltd serves various industries, including Government, NGO, Finance, Telecom, Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Tourism, e-commerce, Law Enforcement, and more.

We prioritize data security and follow industry best practices. Our systems employ encryption, secure data transmission, and stringent access controls to safeguard client information.

Yes, absolutely. Net Bangla Ltd understands that each business is unique. We offer customized solutions tailored to meet our client’s specific needs and objectives.

Our commitment to innovation, service excellence, proven track record, industry expertise, and a client-centric approach set us apart. We consistently deliver tangible results, ensuring client satisfaction at every step.

We adopt a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their goals and challenges. Your input is integral to our process, ensuring that our solutions align seamlessly with your vision.

To initiate a collaboration, simply contact us using the provided contact details. We’ll discuss your requirements, understand your business needs, and tailor a solution that aligns with your goals.

Yes, we offer continuous support to ensure the smooth functioning of implemented solutions. Our support team is readily available to address any queries or concerns.

Stay connected through our website and social media channels for the latest updates, service offerings, and industry insights.



Established in January 2012, Net Bangla Limited is a dynamic and forward-thinking information technology company headquartered in Bangladesh. Our journey began with a vision to harness the power of Telecom and IT to create a common information technology platform that would streamline access to a wide range of products and services for consumers.


Contact Person: Mr. Syed Rumi

Address: Edison, New Jersey, USA

Email: rumi@netbanglaltd.com

Contact Person: Mr. Kazi Hossain Rony

Address: Thuresensgade 9 A, st th, 5000 Odense C, Denmark

Email: rony@netbanglaltd.com

Mobile: +4571659044

Level # 04, House # 19, Block # G, Main Road, Banasree, Rampura Dhaka – 1219

WhatsApp: +88 01730711632 | 

Email: info@netbanglaltd.com | Skype: netbangla1

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